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We have a new place! We are pleased to announce that Intuitive Digital has moved into a new location on Division St as of April 1st. After previously being in the Dairy Building before Covid-19, and fully remote for the last 2 years, we have finally moved into a new location.

The space will serve as a spot for our Portland-based employees to work, get together, and collaborate, as well as host Portland-based partners for presentations and meetings.

Our contact information remains the same. You can still call our primary phone number (503) 206-4988 or reach out via email [email protected].

And before you ask… yes, we have re-trained our carrier pigeon, Karl, to return to our new address as he returns from correspondence. Now if we could just get him to swing by Bollywood Theater next door to pick up our lunch orders that would be perrrrfect. 

Where is Intuitive Digital Located?

Intuitive Digital is located at 3050 SE Division St, Suite 240, Portland, OR 97202

A Hybrid of In-Person & Remote Work

As a digital marketing agency that already practiced WFH Fridays, the switch to fully remote work was (slightly) more seamless when the pandemic hit. Still, our company has pivoted over the last two years like many others to keep up with the times and offer employees the convenience of being fully remote. As such, we now employ team members across multiple states and time zones, with even a few living their best van-life.

We’ve been able to grow our culture in ways we never imagined over the last two years all while maintaining our values and mission to cultivate happiness, thanks entirely to the amazing and talented team of truly good humans.

We are excited for the next chapter and look forward to the team building, collaboration, and sense of community our new spot will foster. And let’s be honest… the office pranks. Definitely looking forward to those.

Our New Space

Our new “clubhouse” as we like to call it is perfect for team meetings and serves as a space to work alongside fellow employees. It checks all the boxes: proximity to cool places, enough space, parking, safety, and a kickass new espresso maker.

Our New Neighbors

While showing up with a homemade batch of brownies is a great way to endear yourself to your new neighbor, we figured we’d settle for some shoutouts (and backlinks) for some of ours.

Here are ten places we are excited to be next to:

  1. Bollywood Theater – Mmm, Indian street-food classics. The Kati Rolls will definitely become a fan fave.
  2. Tight Tacos – Taco Tuesday anyone? Another street-food classic with handmade tortillas and family recipes.
  3. Wallflower Coffee Company – Their insta says it all: two homies pulling ‘spro for the masses ✌???? 
  4. NOW Yoga – For some stress relief and relaxation, this will be our local studio.
  5. For Paws – Our new spot is definitely dog-friendly. We’ll be stopping in for some new treats and toys to keep on hand.
  6. Eb & Bean – Everyone loves some good seasonal FroYo. Plant-based frozen yogurt + Creative toppings = yes please.
  7. Cicoria Pizzaria – A new pizza spot with one of the coolest interiors around. Plus an awesome happy hour and party cut pizzas.
  8. Third Eye Books Accessories & Gifts – This black-owned bookshop is an amazing advocate for black, brown, and indigenous voices, and is definitely worth stopping by.
  9. Oma’s Hideaway – Serving bright, funky, and playful food from Southeast Asia, Oma’s Hideaway is an homage to all grandmothers, matriarchs, and grandchildren. 
  10. Little Beast Brewing – A low-key beer garden crafting some tasty cultured ales. A perfect place to cut out of work early and share a pint.

Considering a Business Move (or Going Fully Remote)?

A lot goes into a business move. Aside from all the moving costs, logistics, and time it takes to successfully move, there’s also your online presence to worry about. Getting through a location change unscathed takes planning, strategy, and coordination. There’s certainly a right and wrong way to handle a business move. Whether you’re looking to expand into a bigger space, upgrade to a better location, or go fully remote, our SEO team can help you manage and coordinate the move to keep your online local presence intact. Contact us today about your upcoming move.

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Nick Footer is an entrepreneur and founder of Intuitive Digital, a national award-winning digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. With over 15 years of experience, he has helped hundreds of businesses improve their online presence through search engine optimization, paid advertising, and website design.

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