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Why SEO is Critical for Colleges and Universities

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more critical for colleges and universities to build into their marketing plans. Technology is permeating our lives; according to PEW Research nearly nine-in-ten Americans today are online and over 77% own a...

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The Best PPC Tools For Colleges & Universities

The Best PPC Tools For Colleges & Universities There are a lot of new and exciting tools in today's version of Google Ads but in all cases, the most important tools focus on your audience. Any pool of potential leads has behavioral tendencies and your success...

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What Is A Good Click-Through Rate (CTR) In AdWords?

What Is A Good Click-Through Rate (CTR) In AdWords? What is a good click-through rate in AdWords? Would it even remotely surprise you if the answer were, “it depends?” It’s comforting to draw a line in the sand but that is rarely the reality in any applied marketing...

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Technical SEO & Content Strategy: Why You Need Both

Your SEO strategy should make room for both technical SEO and content marketing to thrive. A successful SEO strategist will blend technical and creative techniques to create higher-quality organic growth. Don’t inhibit the success of your content by pursuing it without setting a solid technical SEO foundation, or ignoring the importance of continuous technical maintenance. Take the time to do both, the right way.

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SEO Keyword Transitioning for Your Website Redesign

You've decided to invest money on a fancy new website, congrats! But what happens when people aren’t finding that new site? Or your rankings in search results take a hit during the transition? That’s where SEO— specifically keyword transitioning, comes in....

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