Website Support vs IT Support – Why Your Business Needs Both

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It is easy to make the mistake of calling a web developer an IT admin or vice versa. Often times someone with an IT issue may ask a web developer for help, but that issue doesn’t fall under the scope of what they do. Or if you ask an IT administrator to fix website issues you probably will be out of luck.

Knowing who to contact about your various tech needs can save a lot of time and headache. This is especially important if something breaks, which as we all know happens with technology from time to time. You will want a quick response time so everything gets up and running.

What is the difference between IT Support & Web Support?

Although IT support and Web support may seem related, the functions of each are very different. Web support will not be able to assist with IT issues. IT support will not be able to assist with web development issues. So having access to both of these types of service teams is incredibly helpful no matter the issue.

Website Support

Your website is like a car, if it’s not maintained, serviced, or built well in the first place, it will inevitably break down.

You want your website to encourage visitors to become customers, and then make it easy for them to email, call, or make a purchase online. Having a great web team on your side will help you reach this goal.

Web support covers anything that is responsible for creating your website, such as the coding language or web server. A web developer builds the functionalities of the website or makes the website to perform the tasks you want it to perform.

Web services can cover website strategy, design, development, launching and maintaining.

  • Website strategy asks questions to help determine what your goals are. Questions like who is your perfect customer? How much content will you need? Then a web team can build a website around those goals.
  • Website design will help make sure your website gives a great first impression. Having a website that projects your brand will keep customers coming back.
  • Website development requires a lot of work. It will make sure that your website is fast and effective though. This is done through streamlined navigation, call-to-actions, or product filters.
  • Website launch and maintenance will ensure that all of the development done is implemented smoothly and will continue to operate as intended in the future. You’ll want all the work done to have longevity and the best way to do that is through continued maintenance.

IT Support

Information Technology (IT) involves the implementation and maintenance of your computer network. IT support is going to cover your day to day tech needs. If something isn’t directly responsible for generating your website, it probably falls under the Information Technology umbrella. IT supports handles all facets of your computers and devices. This includes:

  • What runs on it like web browser software(Google Chrome, firefox), email clients, and office suite.
  • What makes it run such as the power source or wifi router.
  • What is connected to it like your printers or screens.

An IT team can be an excellent resource for troubleshooting all your computer needs. We’ve all been in the situation where your internet goes down, your keyboard won’t connect, or you can’t get into your email. A dedicated IT person or team can help resolve these issues for you or your business.

Which service do I need?

For the greatest return on investment, you need both website support & IT support. Both services are helpful in different situations.

For example, if you are having issues with anything email related, IT support would be able to assist you with fixing it. Web support doesn’t cover troubleshooting email, so if you are running into any problems with it, and don’t have IT support, you’ll be stuck figuring it out on your own.

If you have your website developed and maintained by a reputable web service team, it’s the best way to be sure you will have an excellent website that will be running great for a long time.

Both Information Technology teams and Web teams are integral to making sure all your tech needs are taken care of. Tech issues will inevitably pop up from time to time and knowing exactly who to talk will be a weight off everyone’s shoulders.

Need a great web team?

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