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Be More with Anu specializes in training, empowering, and equipping professionals to achieve their strategic goals in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEIB). Their innovative approach, Breaking Bias®, utilizes science-backed methods to help individuals unlearn bias effectively. We love working with fellow B Corps, especially one dedicated to transforming organizational culture and fostering inclusive environments.


They came to us with a clear mission: attract more clients through Google Search. Their target audience is values-driven businesses in the US and Canada, including B Corps, as well as the medical, law, and government sectors. Despite their unique approach of DEIB training and mindfulness, they have struggled to communicate their value to potential clients. Our challenge was to enhance their visibility and connect with the right audience using effective paid media strategies.

How We Did It


Our initial analysis revealed some important trends that guided our strategy. At the time, searches for DEIB-related terms such as “DEI training” and “implicit bias training” had increased by over 80% in the last three months and by 50% annually. This indicated a growing interest in these topics, providing a significant opportunity for Be More with Anu to reach a wider audience. 

We observed that their main competitors were not using Google Ads, creating an opening for us to enhance their visibility. Additionally, we prioritized the transition to Google Analytics 4 before Universal Analytics is phased out in July 2024. This will ensure seamless data tracking and provide us with deeper insights into user behavior and campaign performance, which was essential for optimizing our Paid Media efforts.


Building on insights from the Strategy Phase, we began crafting compelling copy for Be More with Anu’s Google Search campaign. We started with a single campaign to attract qualified leads interested in DEIB training. Given the limited budget and high competition, our target was to achieve an average of 12 conversions per month. 

This campaign would serve as a vital starting point, allowing us to assess audience response and refine our strategy. We prioritized targeting women after conducting audience research and gathering feedback from partners, putting our focus on connecting with this specific segment. Lastly, we completed the setup of their new GA4 property to ensure accurate conversion tracking before launching the ads.


After launching our campaign, we started making continuous improvements. This involved refining keywords, enhancing quality scores, removing irrelevant search terms, and adjusting daily budgets. By closely monitoring performance and making data-driven adjustments, we ensured that our campaigns remained effective and adapted to changing market trends.

Moving forward, we initiated a new Health Equity campaign to take advantage of the increasing interest in this area, resulting in significant engagement and conversions. We are also planning to broaden our campaign portfolio to target additional verticals such as legal, corporate, and nonprofit sectors. This strategic expansion will enable Be More with Anu to enter new markets, further enhancing their visibility and customer base.

Paid Media By the numbers

Our consistent efforts led to improved visibility, cost-efficiency, and higher engagement rates for  Be More With Anu’s Google Ads campaigns. Conversions from paid media climbed from 24 in the last few months of 2023 to 46 in the following period. Alongside that, we observed improvements in key metrics like ad clicks, impressions, click-through rate, and cost per click. 

Additionally, Paid Search drove a 112% increase in overall website sessions and generated 1,200 views on pages not directly linked by our ads. These results emphasize the crucial role of paid advertising in the sales funnel.

Including paid advertising in your sales strategy sustains growth by consistently driving quality traffic to your website and supporting SEO efforts. This ongoing visibility and engagement guides potential clients through the sales funnel—from awareness to conversion. By consistently increasing traffic and conversion rates, paid ads ensure short-term success and lay a solid foundation for long-term business growth.


Increase in Ad Clicks


Increase in Paid Media Conversions


Decrease in Cost per Click

Tree Graph

The End Result

Our strategic paid media efforts have improved Be More with Anu’s online presence, especially through our targeted healthcare equity campaign. These initiatives led to a substantial increase in paid media conversions and a significant uptick in website traffic. By consistently driving both quality leads and increasing web traffic, we’ve optimized their sales funnel and delivered a strong ROI.

Be More with Anu is now well-positioned to attract and engage their target clients effectively. Looking ahead, our ongoing strategies will focus on sustaining and building upon this momentum.

Our Thoughts

Intuitive Team Member Haley Patton

“Be More with Anu is one of my favorite accounts! They are a joy to work with, and I deeply respect their commitment to making a positive impact.

It has been a pleasure to watch them grow over the last year, and I can’t wait to see what they achieve next. Everyone should go buy Anu’s new book, Breaking Bias!”

— Haley

Intuitive Team Member Leila Lavey

Partnering with Be More With Anu has been an amazing experience for our agency. From the very beginning, we aligned with their values and status as a B Corp. We’ve seen a significant increase in engagement and conversions, proving the undeniable demand for Be More With Anu’s essential services. Their commitment to fostering DEIB resonates strongly with their audience, driving impactful and meaningful results. The collaboration and expertise from their team empowered us to deliver campaigns that not only perform exceptionally but also align with our shared values.”

— Leila

Intuitive Team Member Alysha Schultz

“Partnering with Be More With Anu is a pleasure and an honor. They are a wonderfully collaborative partner whose mission we deeply believe in.

We especially love that they are a fellow B Corp, committed to making a positive impact just like our team at Intuitive Digital.”

— Alysha

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