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Meet the Partner

Priority Moving Services is a family-owned business that was founded in 2006. The company operates in the Portland Metro area and has been a trusted partner of Intuitive Digital for a long time. They have built a strong reputation in the community for providing excellent customer service and paying attention to details. They are known for executing moves with professionalism and integrity.


Facing the challenge of navigating the increasingly competitive Google Ads auction and understanding the impact of seasonality on their lead pipeline, Priority Moving Services’ goal remained to enhance their online visibility, and most importantly generate qualified leads. As a result, we refined both their Paid Media and SEO strategies, ensuring consistent conversions and setting them up for long-term success.

Google Display Ad for Local Moving Companies

How We Did It


In 2023, we initiated our strategy by thoughtfully reviewing past digital marketing endeavors, analyzing historical data, and identifying growth opportunities. This involved comprehensive audits of our Paid Media and SEO strategies to pinpoint areas for enhancement.

Leveraging our expertise and historical insights, we crafted a fresh approach to optimize Priority Moving’s online presence and elevate lead generation. Particularly in Paid Media, we prioritized the promotion of Performance Max, anticipating its pivotal role in our 2023 initiatives.


With a commitment to data-driven decision-making, we executed targeted tactics to capitalize on Priority Moving Services’ business potential. Armed with extensive historical data, we reviewed all Paid Media keywords, eliminating underperformers to reduce costs and optimize performance amidst increasing competition in the auction. 

Similarly, our SEO efforts centered on publishing engaging content, optimizing the website, and analyzing user experience to bolster organic visibility. Refreshing older blog content proved effective in improving ranked keywords, consequently boosting website traffic and organic conversions.


Throughout the year, our partnership with Priority Moving Services flourished as we continuously refined our strategies to adapt to seasonal shifts. These efforts yielded tangible improvements across all channels. In our Paid Media efforts, we remained hyper-focused on optimizing their campaigns to align with seasonal trends, maximizing their impact.

Simultaneously, on the SEO front, we conducted keyword research and published high-quality blogs offering actionable moving tips. We completed a heatmap analysis and made improvements on their homepage to improve Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). These actions highlight our commitment to driving sustainable growth for Priority Moving Services, ensuring their digital presence remains robust and responsive to evolving market dynamics.

Paid Media by the numbers

Our meticulous approach to Paid Media delivered outstanding outcomes in 2023. We saw a remarkable 108% increase year-over-year in paid conversions, totaling over 1,200 conversions. This significant boost in conversions is crucial for a small business like Priority Moving Services, as it directly translates to more potential customers and increased revenue.

We also achieved a 13% decrease in the cost per conversion, mostly thanks to the Performance Max campaign, which means that our client’s ad budget stretched further, maximizing their ROI. Additionally, our efforts to improve visibility resulted in a 21.91% increase in search impression share. Their account-wide cost per click plummeted by 66% year-over-year, reaching an incredibly efficient $1.82. This reduction was mostly thanks to the success and expansion of our Performance Max campaigns.


Increase in conversions YoY


Decrease in cost per conversion


Average Cost per Click

SEO by the numbers

Our strategic SEO initiatives directly contributed to significant enhancements for Priority Moving Services’ organic presence. We observed a notable uptick of 20.16% year-over-year in total keyword rankings thanks to our regular blogging efforts aimed at providing valuable moving tips. This increase is a direct result of our targeted efforts to optimize website content and improve relevance to search queries, ultimately boosting visibility and attracting potential customers.

Our focused approach led to a remarkable surge of 19.17% year-over-year in organic sessions, indicating heightened user engagement and interest. This increase in website traffic, coupled with a substantial 81.45% year-over-year rise in total users, demonstrates the tangible impact of our SEO strategies. By attracting a larger audience and providing valuable content, we facilitated more opportunities for Priority Moving Services to convert visitors into customers and achieve sustained business growth.


Increase in total keyword rankings YoY


Total users in 2023


Increase in organic sessions YoY

Tree Graph

The End Result

Thanks to our data-driven efforts and ongoing optimizations, Priority Moving Services was able to see a transformative shift in their digital presence. With increased visibility, higher conversions, and enhanced user engagement, they are well-positioned to thrive in a competitive market landscape. Our partnership has not only addressed their initial challenges but also positioned them for sustained growth and success in the future.

Our Thoughts

Intuitive Team Member Parker Wood

“Partnering with Priority Moving on digital marketing initiatives has been a rewarding journey. Our efforts were concentrated on elevating their search rankings through strategic content creation and refining their website to enhance user experience via conversion optimization. Over time, the success of these strategies became evident through the increased traffic and engagement on their website.”

— Parker

Intuitive Team Member Autumn Buck

“From meticulous keyword research, ad copy optimization, and continuous performance analysis, we consistently achieved impressive results, driving traffic and generating quality leads for Priority Moving Services. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the company’s growth and success and I look forward to delivering more exceptional results for them.”

— Autumn

Intuitive Team Member Haley Patton

“I love collaborating on the Priority Moving Services account! The partner’s open communication and receptiveness to our recommendations empower us to pivot strategies effectively, ensuring our efforts align with their evolving needs. The freedom to innovate allows us to explore new and creative solutions, driving impactful results. Looking forward, I’m excited to witness the continued growth and success.”

— Haley

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