23 Reasons SEOs Lose Their Minds [GIFS]

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We all lose our cool from time to time, #amirite?

These 23 things are surefire ways to set any SEO into a mental tailspin.

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1. Semalt visited your client’s site 7,892 times last month

Semalt is an evil, evil, spam bot. Funny thing is they think they are a legitimate SEO Company. Semalt has been ruining our Google Analytics reports for nearly a year. Learn how to block them.

2. Whenever you hear the word “Mobilegeddon”

The SEO world thrives on hysteria. At least it made some people with terrible websites finally update them to be responsive!

3. Working on a website without a CMS

Why isn’t every website built on WordPress or Magento? FTP SEO Updates… NO THANKS!

4. Calling Google My Business Support

Pretty sure Honey-boo-boo is their Number 1 employee. Google’s customer service is a total hit or miss… usually a miss. Sometimes their information and understanding of Google products is just wrong.

5. You get a link on HuffPost.com

OH! The excitement! Bring out the champagne!

6. Writing All the Title Tags

Every SEO reaches a point where they NEVER want to write another title tag again. The struggle is real.

7. When Clients ignore your emails

Believe it or not, We’ll need our client’s help from time to time to accomplish certain tasks.

8. $99 Guaranteed Page 1 SEO Companies

These companies are the reason SEO sometimes has a bad wrap. If any company guarantees page 1 rankings, RUN! They don’t control Google, and can’t make guarantees over things they don’t have control over!

9. When Google announces an update

Google tends to only announce things to manipulate people in their favor. Remember the Panda paranoia? That left lasting scars on many SEOs. Another example: Mobilegedden: Turns out the update hardly did anything at all….

10. Competitors outranking you by using 2009 spam techniques

90% of the time when we view the top competitors in competitive markets, they are ranking with ancient spam techniques that Google has claimed they’ve eradicated.

11. Listening to Yelp! Sales Calls

These persistent schmucks will call day and night trying to sell Yelp! advertising. NO THANKS, BYE! Yelp has gotten in some hot water over their controversial sales techniques… 

12. 1 Week Into a Project: “Why am I not ranking???”

No explanation needed. You can never stress the fact that SEO takes TIME!

Looking for the other 11? Read on.

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