7 Advantages of SEO for Your Business

Search Engine Optimization

As technology evolves, so does the way that customers search for businesses online.

More people are searching online across various devices – desktop, mobile, tablet – to find the best products and services in their local area.

Imforza reports that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results. Also, a BrightLocal survey shows that 92% of consumers read online reviews when evaluating the reputation of a local business.

Such evidence supports the notion that building and maintaining a strong online presence for your business website is a crucial component of your marketing strategy.

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SEO, or search engine optimization, is a powerful marketing approach to accomplishing overall success for your business, both offline and online.

Read more to discover 7 advantages of SEO for your business.

Increased Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is in reference to the number of visitors, landing on your website through non-branded search queries (e.g. “digital marketing services”).

By optimizing your content and website with high-quality keywords, both prospective and returning customers will have an easier time searching for your products and services. Search engines like Google will also be more likely to rank your site higher on the results page.

Strong Segmentation

Let’s take a look at traditional marketing in this overly advertised world.

Television ads, billboard signs, printed newsletters, and newspaper classifieds all seem like costly strategies that are doomed from the start, desperately screaming for attention without much conviction to keep listening.

Magnifying Glass Analyzing SEO Performance & Segmentation

Instead of preaching aimlessly, SEO naturally attracts customers who are already seeking your products or services. SEO also allows you to break down segmentation into a decimal (almost!) by location, behavior, device, keywords, referring sites, landing pages, and more.

Low Cost, High ROI

Contrary to popular belief, search engine optimization does yield quantifiable results.

Tracking conversions, website traffic, and increase in rankings across search engines and social media platforms can provide you with granular-level data about your customers and their level of engagement down the purchase funnel. Analyzing this information can then help you refine your marketing campaign and save time, money, and resources in the process.

SEO is also crowned as the most cost-effective, long-term marketing strategy for building awareness, generating leads, and increasing conversions.

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Builds Credibility

High page rankings on Google equates to being a reputable company.

In other words, people are more likely to trust and visit your website if it is found near the top of the first page versus anything that is found near the bottom.

SEO can enhance the credibility of your business in several different ways. Link building, content optimization, and social engagement are some approaches to building a reputable and successful website.

Establish Brand Awareness

Similar to building credibility, businesses who have established a strong online presence become preferred brands when users are seeking their products or services.

This is especially the case when a website has higher ranking links pointing to their website. Below is a screenshot of the first page results for the query “Intuitive Digital.”

Google Search Results for Intuitive Digital

One method for generating more online is to create rich content that embraces SEO practices and provides relevant information to your audience. Thoroughly researched “how-to” guides, lists, and case studies all make for great content, for both users and search engines.

Mobile Friendliness

In April 2015, Google announced a mobile-friendly update to its algorithm, which would penalize websites that were not well optimized or responsive across mobile devices. A bad user experience such as having to pinch the screen to zoom in could result in shorter time spent visiting the page and a lower probability of returning to the website.

In addition to updating to a beautiful, responsive web design, SEO can greatly help with improving the overall mobile user experience. Adding high-quality images with descriptive text and file names and creating faster page load times are only some practices for achieving mobile optimization.

Ahead of the Competition

If you are just discovering the advantages of SEO, imagine how far you are from bypassing the competition!

Don’t fret because at Intuitive Digital, our SEO service provides deep competitor analysis, identifying the performance and position of your top competitors as well as discovering your market demographics and ranking opportunities.

The digital world is constantly changing, but trends show that people are conducting more research online before making final purchasing decisions. SEO helps businesses to establish a strong online presence and in turn, generate leads and stay competitive.

About Intuitive Digital

Intuitive Digital is a digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon, that provides unique solutions for enterprises and small businesses nationwide. Search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media management, mobile friendly web design, and more.

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Nick Footer

Nick Footer is an entrepreneur and founder of Intuitive Digital, a national award-winning digital marketing agency in Portland, Oregon. With over 15 years of experience, he has helped hundreds of businesses improve their online presence through search engine optimization, paid advertising, and website design.

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