I get this question a lot so I thought I’d write a quick post on it. The short (and annoying) answer is that it varies based on your goals, but we recommend committing to a minimum of 3 months, especially if it’s your website’s first PPC campaign.

PPC can work as a short term strategy under certain circumstances with specific goals in mind, like seasonal sales, promotions, or if you need sheer traffic volume for an event.

Why 3 months?

At Intuitive we prefer to look at PPC as a long-term strategy in general, though, because your campaign performance improves with time. In a nutshell, here’s why we want our partners to give it a 3-month chance:

  • Google needs to get to know you better. You’ve probably created beautiful campaigns in Adwords, but in order to raise your Quality Score you need to get clicks and establish a click-through rate.
  • To strategically optimize and improve your account you need data. The longer a campaign runs the more data it collects, and the more data we collect the more shrewd our optimization can be.
  • You’ll never know the quality of your campaign until you run it, and change it, change it, change it.

What happens in months 1-3?

While your brand new campaign is live and running over the first 3 months, we do a LOT of work with a heavy focus on the following:

  • Adjusting bid strategy based on goals and initial performance
  • Analyzing and adjusting keywords
  • Reviewing and testing new ad copy
  • Campaign budget management
  • Optimizations on campaigns and ad groups

Basically, it’s impossible to discover your PPC potential without giving it a fair shot. When analyzing performance and success we try to focus on the numbers that are important to YOU, like conversions and actual ROI. This means analyzing conversion rate optimization on the website and landing pages and identifying drop-offs in user flow or snags in the onsite purchase funnel.

Sometimes this also means taking a hard and honest look at the website, the sales funnel and the business process itself. Like any inbound marketing, clicks and traffic are great, but they’re not the end game: if you’re not closing leads, then the system isn’t working.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we do PPC please reach out! We love to talk about this stuff.

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