In case you’ve been living under a rock, a mobile revolution has occurred. According to Gartner research for 2018, more than half of the world’s population will turn to a mobile device first, before a desktop device, for anything internet related. This statistic alone should make every business shake in their boots.

If you haven’t gone mobile or you lack a mobile-friendly website, it’s time to catch up. Google has threatened a mobile-first algorithm (favoring mobile friendly websites) and will penalize businesses if their mobile site is not mobile or user friendly.

Research conducted by SmartInsights shows that Google accounts for 90% of market share when it comes to searches on mobile devices. It’s important businesses recognize how critical mobile optimizations are to be successful today.

Don’t stress just yet! We love helping businesses, which is why we’ve created a mobile-first strategy checklist to ensure you can get caught up. Along with our checklist, we’ve included statistics just in case you needed any more convincing.

Is Your Site Mobile Friendly?

The first step in a mobile first strategy is making sure your current site is mobile friendly. There are plenty of tools out there built just for this purpose, but we have our favorites. Test your site using:

Both tools are free and easy to use. Stop what you’re doing and test your site now!

Optimize Your Current Content

Don’t stress about creating new content just for mobile; your current content is a great place to start. Gather and organize the most important content on your site and begin to make optimizations for mobile.

These optimizations can include:

  • Compressing and resizing images
  • Moving CTA’s and pertinent written content towards the top of the page
  • Reorganizing written content into an easily readable format (bullet points are great)
  • Ensuring videos are responsive

Making these simple and quick optimizations will not only help with a user’s mobile experience and the page speed, but it will also make your desktop site faster, it’s a win-win. When it comes to content optimizations this is just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s a strong starting point.

Page Speed Is Crucial

We’ve all been there – searching for something on our mobile devices only to have the page take forever to load. Many of us give up and click on the next site, others get frustrated and give up. This slow page speed leads to poor user experience, decreased conversions, and decreased trust.

Google conducted research and came to the conclusion that three seconds is the magic number your site needs to load in to achieve consumer happiness. Here are a few changes you can make to increase your mobile site page speed:

  • Minimize page redirects
  • Optimize and minify CSS
  • Minimize server response time
  • Compress all images
  • Load above the fold content first

If this seems overwhelming, start with the small changes, such as compressing images, and go from there. Any improvements you can make that will help your page speed will keep your consumers happy and encourage them to return.

Focus On Local SEO

Think back to the last time you used your phone to search for information. What words did you Google? Most of us turn to our phones when we are out and about and need information in the moment. These searches tend to be local and contain words such as “near me” or “closest to me”.

When it comes to mobile first strategies, it’s important to focus on local SEO. Doing so will help you capture the right consumers at the right time (like when they’re right around the corner from your store). Local SEO can seem intimidating to tackle on your own, but there are small strides you can make. From reviews to citations, any work you put it in will grow your local rankings and move you towards standing out in the pack.

For a more in depth look at local SEO and how it can impact your business, check out our local SEO blog.

We’ve Got Your Back

If you aren’t sure where to begin when it comes to a mobile first strategy, don’t stress.

We understand how important it is to get up to date with these items. We know from personal experience how frustrating it can be when mobile sites aren’t performing up to our expectations.

Our team is well versed when it comes to mobile first strategies and optimizations. Don’t hesitate, contact us today if you want to up your mobile game!

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