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The Shelf Life of a Website

How often should you redesign your website? Because technology and design trends change frequently, even the best website designs won’t hold up longer than about three years.

Do you remember what they looked like when you first started browsing the internet? They probably looked something like this:

The First Website

The content wasn’t visually appealing or easy to use, but it was all there was, and it was glorious.

I bet you haven’t seen a site like that in over a decade. As technology advances, designers can improve not only the look of a site but also the way users interact with it. That’s why, no matter how fantastic a site is  today, it will continue to need to be refreshed.

Good Web Design is an Investment

The look of your website can affect your business. An out-of-date looking website could lead potential customers to assume your products or services are also out of date, or worse, that your company is not trustworthy — causing them to leave your site before even reading through the home page. Forget about browsing for goods or signing up for a newsletter.

If you’re lucky enough that they stick around to peruse your website, your potential customer needs to be able to navigate through it easily.

Web Design

Good web design is intuitive; people should be able to consume the content quickly. Customers who have trouble finding what they’re looking for will just look elsewhere.

Establish your authority as a professional organization with the first click. Present your users with a smart and well-organized website that immediately communicates what type of company you are.

Design Follows Technology

Developments in technology are often what enable changes in design. When computers were running on dial-up people were not browsing websites with tons of images, unless you wanted to wait all day for that page to load.

High-speed connections have enabled designers to increase the complexity and beauty of their sites. Hero images, card layouts, hidden navigation bars, and hover animations are now everywhere.

Holding a Phone

Mobile devices have also had an enormous influence on current web design. It’s not a coincidence that scrolling websites have become all the rage. Limiting the number of times a user has to click through to another page makes a site easier to browse on a cellphone screen making that leap from a potential customer to a sale all the more likely.

What’s Right for Your Site

You may not need a full website redesign. If your site’s look is still prominent and your competitor’s sites aren’t fresh, you may only need to make a few updates.

If you haven’t touched your content in the last year, get to work. Re-writing copy and optimizing for SEO can stretch out the lifetime of a design. Just make sure Google hasn’t dropped any updates that are negatively affecting its ability to crawl and catalog your site.

The shelf life of your website has expired, and you a need redesign if:

  • The website is more than three years old.
  • The company has rebranded.
  • The scope of services or products has drastically changed.

Not every design trend is right for every industry. The goal for any modification you make to your site should be to improve the user experience.

Not sure what work your website needs to help you convert more customers? We can help with that.

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