Digital Marketing For Nonprofits In A For-Profit World

Digital Marketing For Nonprofits In A For-Profit World

Your biggest challenge may be to decide how much of your resources to focus on your core mission versus getting the word out.

As a values-based organization, Intuitive Digital can help you build your nonprofit marketing plan, and offer cost-effective solutions to reach your audience online. Whether you want to increase membership, volunteers, or donations, we can help you figure out how to reach your goals with digital marketing.

As a values-based organization ourselves, we love partnering with nonprofits to tell their stories and help them achieve their goals.

Nonprofit digital marketing specialist

We’ve seen impressive growth in our digital marketing and online presence. Intuitive Digital is very creative and ahead of the game.

Katie C

Google Grants

Pay Per Click (PPC) is complicated for any organization, as a nonprofit you’re eligible for free advertising money from Google. But even those who get a grant don’t always know how to use it. Intuitive has the expertise to take you through the application process and use Google Grants successfully whether you want to increase membership, volunteers, or donations.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO remains the most effective long-term strategy for getting found online. For budget conscious nonprofits this should be the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. It’s not just about keywords — modern SEO is all about the user experience and communicating your story.

Web Design

Your website is your most important marketing asset and the place most people will interact with your organization. Nonprofit websites need to educate the public, collect donations, and get volunteers while providing a great user experience. A great website ensures all your marketing efforts reach their full potential.

Facebook Ads

Facebook advertising is a great tool for bringing your story to a larger audience. At the core, nonprofits are communities, and Facebook is a fantastic platform to activate yours’ and extend your reach. Telling a story with images or video and easily sharing across friend networks is what Facebook is built for, and their audience of over a billion users is unmatched.