Hey, Nonprofits! We’re Donating 1 Year of Digital Marketing Services (Again)

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We’re Seeking A New Nonprofit Partner For 2024

As a values-based organization, giving back to the community is integral to our mission at Intuitive Digital — what better way to give back than utilizing our digital marketing skills to further the cause of a nonprofit in need of support!

We’re offering a whole year of free digital marketing services for a nonprofit organization, and we’re actively looking for a new partner to start working with in 2024.  Apply Here!

Free Digital Marketing Services For Nonprofits

No cut corners here, we’ll take you through our normal partner process. Learning about your organization, and goals, and then auditing your current online setup and presence to put together a digital marketing strategy to help you reach those goals. 

We might not be able to do everything we unearth or recommend in the course of a year, but by partnering with your team and prioritizing the most impactful opportunities, we’re sure we can help you level up your online presence. The service level will be tailored to the inquiries we receive.

Our team will work collaboratively with a selected nonprofit partner, providing 1 year of pro-bono digital marketing services for that nonprofit organization. 

Intuitive specializes in:

The selection process and the service level will be tailored to the inquiries we receive.

Want To Partner With Us for Free Digital Marketing?

If you’re ready to throw your nonprofit’s name into the hat — or refer a worthy organization — we’d love to hear from you!


To be considered, simply fill out the form below by December 31st.

We will contact the recipient in early January and work with that team to create a formal kickoff schedule.

Can’t Win If You Don’t Apply – Apply Now!

Past Recipients 

Initially, we were doing pro bono Google ads management for ReFIT Portland, our VP of Services Anish was on the board and she saw a need Intuitive Digital could meet. Then we officially launched our annual nonprofit pro bono partner program in 2018. 

Rebuilding Center

In its inaugural year, we partnered with the Rebuilding Center in Portland. Their website had been built for free, out of generosity by a team member who was self-taught. We helped them clean up some UX issues, and got their website set up with SEO best practices so their content was more easily searchable on Google. 

They’d also been struggling to obtain a Google Ad Grant, which we helped them get approved for and then provided a full account build and training for the internal ongoing management of the grant account, so they could start advertising their products and services to the community without spending any money of their own. 

Portland Youth Builders

Our 2020 partner was Portland Youth Builders. They were in desperate need of an updated website before their theme literally expired and their site disappeared at the end of the year. On top of that, they needed search engine optimized content so people could actually find them online, and we needed to do all this before their fundraising season kicked off. 

With the help of our good friends over at Revere for a new design, and our team taking on the SEO and development work, we were able to deliver a beautiful, findable, user-friendly website just in time. 

I Am A Scientist

Over the last year we’ve been working with the Plenary nonprofit, on their I Am A Scientist campaign. We helped them update their site to cover SEO best practices, as well as got a Google Ad grant approved, and provided a full ad campaign build and management services. Last month we were able to spend $4,000 out of their monthly $10,000 ad grant. For those of you familiar with this program, you know what a huge success that is.

Need Digital Marketing Help?

Whether you’re locally based in Portland, or anywhere in the US, if you’re doing great work for people in need, and digital marketing services can help you do that better, or for a larger community, we want to hear from you!

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Being the VP of Marketing and Culture at Intuitive is really about making sure we walk our talk. Whether that's fostering a balanced and supportive work culture, progressing JEDI initiatives, or ensuring we provide the highest level of service for all of our partners. Alysha is passionate about understanding and cultivating brand identities, and helping businesses share their story with the public through marketing.

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